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Examples of work shown on this site were undertaken and/or directed by Michael Peters while Chief Executive/Creative Director of the Michael Peters Group Plc and Identica Limited

A proven track record for brands that mean business


We have worked in branding all our lives and faced virtually every commercial challenge. The rules of engagement have now changed, and it's never been more exciting to be in business. Branding faces a revolution and we're ready for battle.

We love Brands. We love all the great, imaginative businesses that put brands at the heart of their world. Brands like Nike, Apple and Google have helped to define our lives and our thinking. Being bold enough to be different is key to their success, and will be even more important for tomorrow's businesses.

We believe the best and most imaginative brands will continue to win the most business...not by being the biggest or oldest or by being the sleekest or shiniest, but by listening to their customers and surprising them with new ideas. That's where we're able to help.

We believe in ideas, imagination and innovation. We also know that creativity is the last powerful business tool in the box. We use it to help our clients achieve real financial success and we have the track record to prove it.